Joy, energy, and love for life is what GLOBALIVITY conveys with their songs, through the mixture of Latin rhythms and Ska, combined with modern electronic sounds, beats and influences. The music is completed by relaxed reggae and dub interludes. Its 6 members from Latin America, France, Germany, and Hungary, based in Bamberg, Germany, unite cultures and play to make people dance and feel how good it is to be alive with texts in Spanish, Hungarian, English, and German. As soon as the band enters the stage and the first note is played, Fiesta starts! The feet start to float, the floor shakes and the audience and the band are united in a common, energetic show! 

So, let's leave the bad vibes behind, prepare your body to sweat, because GLOBALIVITY comes withonly one language: music! 

The Band Members: • Richi (Argentina/Hungary): Main Vocals and Guitar • Javi (Mexico): Guitar, Backing Vocals and Synths • Jose Luis (Colombia): Saxophone • Gonza (Mexico): Drums • Val (France): Bass • Stefen (Germany): Trumpet 

Homepage: GLOBALIVITY - Spinnup